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TWILIGHT SUMMARY ( in tagalog pare!)

[Source: bboydlet.multiply]

kasi pare ganito daw yun. may isa daw babae na hot daw pare. pero maputla siya kasi hindi siya inalagaan ng nanay niya pare. tapos pare emo daw siya kasi nga daw hindi siya mahal ng mundo at para siyang patay na bata na galit sa mundo. tapos pare, lumipat daw siya ng tirahan kasi daw masyado daw siyang emo para sa luma niyang tirahan. sabi niya sa nanay niya "tangina mo nay gusto ko lumipat kay tay". tangina pare hindi nagalit nanay niya. sabi lang ng nanay niya "tangina mo pare wag ka magmura".

so lumipat siya sa tatay niya di ba? pagkarating niya dun sabi niya, "tangina erpat bakit maulan dito?" sabi ng erpat niya "gago 'bur' months na! malamig na tangena". so nagtaka yung babaeng simula ngayon ay tatawagin na lang nating "babaeng maputla at emo".

so pumasok siya sa school di ba? binigyan siya ng truck ng tatay niya pare. sabi ng tatay niya "tangina mo sa'yo na tong truck ko". sabi niya "salamat tay".

pagkarating niyang school tsong, may nakita siyang lalaking mukhang bangkay pero pogi. sakto. pogi pero mukhang bangkay. sabi ni babaeng maputla at emo "hot pare".

nung chem lab na ni babaeng maputla at emo, natagpuan niyang lab partner niya yung poging bangkay. so nung tinignan siya nung poging bangkay, ang asim ng mukha nito. mukhang nandiri ata kay babaeng maputla at emo.

sabi ni poging bangkay "tangina mo". sabi ni babaeng maputla at emo "tangina KA". sabi ni poging bangkay "tangina NIYA oh *tumuro sa teacher nila*". sabi ni babaeng maputla at emo "oo nga noh. TANGINA MO". sabi ni poging bangkay "tangina mo gago bampira ako". tapos naghubad siya ng damit at kumintab ang katawan niya kasi linagyan niya ng glitters ang abs niya kasi tigas siya at ganun na ang mga tigas ngayon na nagpupuntang emba.

so pare na in love si babaeng maputla at emo kay poging bangkay. si poging bangkay naman sige lang kasi sex din daw yun. so ayun. ang shweet shweet nila.

"eow poh... ahihihihi"

"bebe mwahugz,..... ^^,"

so tapos nun nagpunta sila sa damuhan kasi.... alam mo na. tapos sabi ni poging bangkay "ikaw na buhay ko ngayon" sabi ni babaeng maputla at emo "tangina mo gago patay ka na". sabi ni poging bangkay "TANGINA KA".

tapos nagsex sila

so basically pare yun lang yung mga importanteng nangyari sa buong storya. intense noh? kaya pala nahhook lahat ng tao. akala ko overrated. hindi pala. astig pala.

[Source: bboydlet.multiply]



Active Vista Film Festival

The Next Revolution

By Karla Vizcarra

Media is power. A single, vital image---when ingrained powerfully enough----translates into a message which lasts a lifetime. Ideas create films and shows; films and shows create ideologies, which become tiny revolutions waiting to happen Where reality fails to depict itself---or rather, when people stop paying attention, art does---often with much potency and more urgency.

The Active Vista film festival works under this conviction: a mission to revolutionize values through the powerful medium of cinema. A first of its kind, Active Vista goes beyond mere entertainment, mere video machinery.

Active Vista recognizes the country’s longstanding struggle for change, and aims to awaken a progressive spirit in our people---- if not a social conscience, at least a social consciousness. It’s a little ambitious, but there is just enough genius in its roster of films to believe it can work.

The weeklong festival will be held at the Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine from November 26 to December 2, 2008, with each day of the week devoted to a specific advocacy, in partnership with a NGO: Filipino Heroism, Culture and National Identity (Kasaysayan ng Kagitingan), Justice, Gender and Human Rights, and Peace (Katuwiran, Karapatan at Kapayapaan), Environment (Kalikasan), Education, Children and Youth (Kabataan Kinabukasan)and Social Progress – Poverty, Hunger, Health, Debt and Issues of Marginalized Sectors of Society (Kaunlaran). Each day, from 1 pm onwards, Indiesine will be showing classic, award-winning, or critically-acclaimed films--- many of them independent---that will leave a message and stir the hopeful Filipino spirit.

To be featured in the festival are Mike de Leon’s never been shown documentary on the Martial Law, Signos and his mind-bending satire, Kakabakaba Ka Ba, Dante Garcia’s Oscar nominee Ploning and recent winners and entries in the Cinemalaya Film Festival, including Pepot Artista, Pisay, Tribu and Brutus. In addition, there will be a special screening of the Best of Probe Team episodes, Raymond Red’s Bayani, the selected Ten Best Student Short Films and a marathon showing of cult tv hit, Strangebrew. After and in between screenings, there will be forums, live music performances and interactions with the filmmakers.

The Active Vista is a project of DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, in cooperation with the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) and The Philippine Independent Filmmakers Multipurpose Cooperative (IFC).

More than anything, Dakila believes that change can happen---one mind, one step and possibly, one viewer at a time.

Support the Active Vista Film Festival.


November 26 to December 2

Robinsons Galleria IndieSine

For more details and a complete listing of the screening schedules/ activities, visit: www.dakila.org.ph or e-mail activevista.filmfestival@yahoo.com. You may also reach us at 09054292539 or 5729180.

“While it is true that no song, no poem, no painting, no novel, no film has ever stopped a tank, prevented a bullet, or overthrown a corrupt government, the virtue of every art form in enriching the Filipino spirit cannot be rivaled. While movies can’t feed a hungry child, bring justice to the oppressed, or solve poverty, they can open our minds to the plight of children against starvation, make us understand the worth of justice and peace, and get us involved in the struggle against poverty and oppression in many ways that newspapers, classroom lectures or a thousand publicity ads could ever hope to. Because while art may not change the world, it can change the way we view the world. For true revolution begins in the imagination.”


Changing the way we view the world….

November 26 to December 2, 2008

Robinsons Galleria IndieSine



Kasaysayan ng Kagitingan [Filipino Heroism, Culture and National Identity]

By showing films that dwell on the celebration of our rich culture and tradition, the chronicles of the life and times of our heroes and the struggles of our country to attain our identity and pride as a nation, we may be able to instill values that defy our long confinement from colonial mentality.

Bayani by Raymond Red

On the eve of Bonifacio Day, we will be showing a re-mastered version of the film as it marks its 15th anniversary this year. Bayani is a tale about the rise, fall and resurrection of the "Katipunan" and its Supremo and a semi-biography of Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio. Noted for its heavy stylistics and painstaking attention to filmic detail, the biopic also tackles the momentous events surrounding the Philippine struggle against Spanish colonialism.

Namets by Emilio “Jay” Abello (Cinemalaya 2008)

Namets is a colorful celebration of food as well as love, and the love of food above all, which is central to being Negrosanon and being Filipino. It follows the flirtation between Jacko and Cassie, two Negrenses who grew up in Bacolod , and whose lives revolve around food. The film is shot in Negros Occidental and the language is primarily in Hiligaynon, the language spoken in that region.

Ploning by Dante Garcia

The popular Cuyonon folk song, “Ploning” is the main inspiration for the film. It presents the story of a Cuyonon woman’s promise, her struggle with hope and love told from the point of view of a young boy. It is a loving tribute to small-town life, folk tradition and timeless tenets; its textured characters, each with an affecting story to tell; its private locales; its actors' deeply-felt performances; and its shared insights about the different forms of love that bind people to each other. All of these elements come to bear on the principal story of Ploning (Judy Ann Santos), a selfless woman who mourns a departed love but doesn't let her private grief prevent her from helping many others with their personal problems.

Katuwiran, Karapatan at Kapayapaan [Justice, Gender and Human Rights, and Peace]

By presenting films that depict the on going struggle of our nation to achieve justice, gender equality, respect for human rights and peace, we may be able to lay the foundation for an empowered citizenry.

Huling Balyan ng Buhi (Woven Stories of the Other) by Sherad Anthony Sanchez

Huling Balyan ng Buhi is a war film, one that doesn't relish in the flagrant violence and casualties but speaks of and for the lives that are ultimately affected. Sanchez's film, instead of relying on the traditional narrative, crosscuts between real-time sequences that is more telling of the currency of conflict than what is manufactured by the creative mind of a screenwriter, who mostly merely rewrites personal impressions of war or what has been published in newspapers. The stories are finally woven together not by the common considerations of traditional narrative but by an overbearing feeling caused by prolonged warfare where no bet can ever be capable of winning. The thread that finally connects everything is inevitable loss: of a mother we'll never get to know, of a real reason to fight, of the last balyan, the final bastion of a cultural identity.

Hunghong sa Yuta (Earth’s Whisperer) by Arnel Mardoquio

"Earth's whisper." The English translation of "Hunghong sa Yuta" — the title of Arnel Mardoquio's film about war and peace in Mindanao — easily cues us on how to read this story about a clutch of deaf-mute children in a mountain community consisting of Christians, Muslims and Lumads, and the teacher from the city who introduces them to the alphabet and numbers. War between rebels and the military has devastated the community of Hinyok, its most telling casualty being children born without the ability to speak and hear, and whose fathers are nevertheless intent on training them to become fighters to defend their land. Vigo Cruz, artist and toy-maker, answers a posted notice about Hinyok's need for a teacher, and his work with the children brings joy and hope to the young war victims and their mothers.

Kalikasan [Environment]

By displaying the beauty of a country gifted with abundant natural resources, we may be able to impart the pressing need to protect and preserve our environment.

Brutus by Tara Illenberger (Cinemalaya 2008)

Brutus tells the tale of two Mangyan children, hired by illegal loggers to smuggle wood from the mountains of Mindoro , as they embark on a dangerous journey to deliver the goods to the lowlands. In the process, they discover a world run by the greed of men, a world governed by ideologies that bring about the armed conflict that plagues the Mindoro highlands, the home of their own people.

Kabataan…Kinabukasan [Education, Children and Youth]

By portraying the intricacies of everyday survival of the Filipino youth,

we may be able to find a path to build their future.

Pepot Artista by Clodualdo del Mundo

Pepot Artista is a comedy-musical that focuses on a ten-year-old boy whose dream is to become a movie star. Pepot, the dreamer, is surrounded by people who are equally dazzled by the movie world- from his own mother to the principal in his school to the impersonators in the neighborhood carnival.. Coming from a poor family, Pepot overcomes adversity to have a chance at fulfilling his dream. He tackles school bullies, a strict teacher, and an unwelcoming world that fails to comprehend his intense desire to become a star. The story happens in the ‘70s when superstars brightened the film world in Pepot’s country. The film explores the penchant of Filipinos for entertainment in the midst of serious social problems.

Tribu by Jim Libiran (Cinemalaya 2007)

The movie depicts, in graphic detail, the gang culture of Tondo, a Manila slum notorious for its chaos, filth, poverty and violence. The story is told from the point of view of a 10-year-old boy who witnesses the violence as a gang avenges the death of one of its members. The gangs call themselves "tribes," thus the title "Tribu."

Pisay by Auraeus Solito (Cinemalaya 2007)

Pisay” relates the stories of eight Philippine Science High School (PSHS) students during the volatile 1980s when the Philippines was in its greatest moment in history- as the Marcos Dictatorship is ousted by the 1986 People Power Revolution to Cory Aquino's New Government- as they come of age in a time filled with excitement, conflict and change.

Ang Daan Patungong Kalimugtong (The Road to Kalimugtong) by Mes de Guzman

For Jinky and Potpot, life in Benguet is simply a trek to and from school. Every day, together with other children, they have to cross mountains, rivers and hanging bridges to get to their destination. They survive thanks to the work of their elder brothers, Manong Ramil and Manong Ronaldo, who inherited the task of looking after their siblings and grandfather on their parents' death. Both work for a mining company, leaving the younger brothers in their grandfather's care. But the elder brothers haven't been back for months. The film tackles the blatant ills of the Philippines ' educational system and its surrounding issues on poverty without being too preachy. It is quite good that the film is narrated and is shown through the point of view of the children; and as such, the presentation of the issues is filtered by their inherent naivete and innocence, making the exercise a lot more palatable yet poignant.

Bunso by Ditsi Carolino

The film allows us to look into the bleak fate of children from the impoverished slums of the largest cities of the third world. The main character of the film is 11 year old Bunso, who is serving time for minor theft in the metropolis of Manila , in the Philippines . Together with Diosel, who is a few months older and 13 year old Tony, they are passed up against hundreds of adult prisoners in overcrowded cells, many of whom are sentenced for rape, murder and dealing drugs.

Kaunlaran [Social Progress – Poverty, Hunger, Health, Debt and

Issues of Marginalized Sectors of Society]

By featuring films that depict the struggles of the common man in a country that despite the promise of progress has failed to provide children with quality education, families of decent shelter, workers of fair wages, farmers with a land of their own, and majority of the population with dignity of life, we may be able to achieve a national development goal that balances social progress with social justice.

My Fake American Accent by Ned Trespeces (Cinemalaya 2008)

The film is a slice-of-life workplace comedy following the lives of technical support call center agents in the span of six months. Speaking with a fake American accent is a prerequisite for the job. This ensemble comedy is an inside look into the maddening, sleep-deprived, caffeine-fuelled lives of those who ply their trade in the call center industry.

Huling Byahe by Rom Dongeto

“Huling Byahe” (The Final Journey) is a story of a young woman named Minda, an OFW returning to her tribal hometown after working abroad for six years—a chapter in her life that is shrouded in silence and from which she returned shaken and wounded. “Huling Biyahe” is a story of trials and courage amidst compelling issues confronting women—gender based violence, family planning, and migration. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cordilleras and its colorful culture and rituals, “Huling Biyahe” is a film that behooves its audience to rethink harmony between customs/traditions and pressing, modern-day socio-economic issues.

Kasarinlan at Kalayaan [Democracy and Good Governance]

By presenting the formation of a young nation struggling to practice democracy and good governance, we may be able to collectively transverse the road to nation building.

Manoro by Brillante Mendoza

A young girl tries to teach her elders a lesson about self-determination and respect in this drama inspired by actual events. The Aeta are indigenous people who have traditionally lived in the nation's mountain regions. However, after the eruption of a long-dormant volcano, an Aeta community is relocated to the nearby lowlands, and the children of the Aeta attend state-sponsored schools for the first time. Jonalyn is a 13-year-old girl who has just graduated from grade school and is eager to put her knowledge to use for the good of the community. When she learns that an upcoming election will choose the nation's new leader, she encourages the adults in her village to vote; however, she soon discovers that most of them can't read a ballot and have no idea how the voting process works. With the election only a few days away, Jonalyn organizes a crash course to teach the grown-ups in her community how to take part in the democratic process. However, not all of them are eager to learn, and when Jonalyn discovers her grandfather has gone missing during a hunting trip, she and her father set out to find him before Election Day rolls around.

Barako: Small time, Big time Politics by Manolito C. Sulit

Barako is a haunting account of a young man’s attempt to effect change in his town by gathering his friends around a kapihan called “barakuhan”. In the absence of media, it effectively becomes a venue for the townsfolk to practice their democratic rights, colliding expectedly with the elite’s political and economic interests. The movie starts glaringly with the American occupation of Batangas (early 1900) with the valiant Gen. Malvar and another local hero, Mateo Ilustre plotting its defense. It then takes us to a seemingly restive yet impoverished Batangueño community 100 years later, taking shifting points of view of the people from the grassroots, drawing them initially around one central figure, an unnamed character labeled only as the Publicist and later on, around yet another, Mando— referred to in the story (by the Publicist himself) as "ang tunay na barako".

Signos by Mike de Leon (World Premiere)

The assassination of Ninoy Aquino in August 1983, generally believed to be the work of the military, became a key moment in Philippine history for a renewed opposition to Marcos. In the same year, Mike de Leon made Signos (1983). The film is an independent Brecthian styled documentary about the anti-censorship protest movement, labor and student rallies, and the funeral of Aquino. Signos is Mike de Leon’s first attempt at an explicitly political film and it is his first film outside mainstream cinema. It was produced on a limited and non-commercial scale by the progressive nongovernmental organization, Asia Visions, known for producing socially relevant films. The screening of Signos is a once in a lifetime chance to see an unreleased work of one of the most brilliant filmmaker that Philippine Cinema has produced.


Kakabakaba Ka Ba? (Will Your Heart Beat Faster?) by Mike de Leon

Mike de Leon's wittily demented musical satire about Japanese yakuza, Chinese gangsters, bohemian hedonism, and the Catholic Church. “Undoubtedly, one of the finest Filipino comedy films ever made, KAKABAKABA KA BA is refreshing, literate, and very engrossing. It says more about our society than many of the so-called important films of recent vintage. In fact, it "was considered by critics as one of the landmark films of the 1980's in its absurd, comical, and irreverent treatment of an otherwise serious theme about foreign control of the Philippine economy… had to hurdle the censors, who originally sought to ban the film for its alleged racist attacks against the Japanese and the Chinese." [CCP Encyclopedia: Film]




Alab aims to capture the idealism and intensity of student film makers and how they view the world in their young eyes.

Anino by Raymond Red

Winner of the Golden Palm at the Cannes International Film Festival, Raymond Red’s Anino (Shadow, 2000) is a thirteen-minute short about a photographer from the provinces (Ronnie Lazaro) wandering about the streets of Manila. He meets a man in black (John Arcilla) just outside a church, and is nearly run over by an old man driving a car (Eddie Garcia); in between, he has a quiet interlude with a child (Ronnie Pulido).. People meet, then meet again; harsh words are spoken, and violence inflicted. The film ends on what may be seen as either a hopeful or ironic note--it’s up to you to decide which.

The Probe Team

Special Documentary Screening

Gintong Pamana (2008)

In 1981, Berto Morales, a farmer employed as a bulldozer operator in an irrigation project in Surigao, struck gold. He discovered a treasure trove of gold ornaments while bringing down a hill to collect filling materials. The discovery, hitherto unknown to the public, is among the largest collection of Philippine archaeological gold in the country as well as in the rest of the world. PROBE reporter Cheche Lazaro searches for Berto in Surigao and from then on, she uncovers that Berto’s gold discovery takes many twist and turns -- involving threats to his life and family. With the help of historians and experts, Gintong Pamana reveals an amazing story about the Philippines ’ forgotten civilization.

Gusto mo bang mag-migrate? (2004)

A first on Philippine television—get a glimpse of what reality has in store for those who seek that elusive greener pasture abroad. Probe Team artist-reporter Robert Alejandro returns from his grueling first 6 months in Vancouver , Canada and brings home a personal home video of his stay in the land of the maple leaf—from plunging to the depths of loneliness days after his arrival to apartment and job-hunting. Robert Alejandro is only one of the countless Filipinos who dare leave and try their luck elsewhere.


Strangebrew was launched in early summer of 2001 on UNTV, and became a popular show among Filipino youth. It was hosted by Arvin "Tado" Jimenez, and Angel "Erning" Rivero. The show was directed by R.A. Rivera. The show also featured film makers Ramon Bautista and Jun Sabayton, playing odd characters. The reality comedy show features fun facts about how things are made in a factory, or making a movie. Trivial pursuits and road trip like episodes were produced, as means to make a transition from one topic to another.


The Active Vista Film Festival is organized by DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism through the support of the National Commission on Culture and Arts and the Philippine Independent Filmmakers Cooperative. Active Vista is a film festival that will feature full-length or short films, video documentaries or animation that tackle core values that promote responsible citizenship and various advocacies that contribute to nation building.

Active Vista . Dynamic Views. Active Vista challenges to define a spectrum in the use of film as a powerful tool in shaping the consciousness of a new generation of film goers into the importance of critical thinking as the foundation of responsible citizenship and nation building. The term “active vista” is characterized to encourage dynamism in views as a fundamental requirement in addressing methods and directions of social transformation.

Active Vista Film Festival will run from November 26 to December 2 at the Robinsons Galleria IndieSine.


DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation among both their industry peers and their immediate audiences. DAKILA recognizes that Philippine society is in the midst of a significant upheaval and that, as disciples of the creative act, the artists are not exempted from the responsibility of helping contribute to positive change.

DAKILA envisions a nation of heroes. Its mission is to build a movement that inspires heroism and nobility of thought and action to effect social transformation by collectively providing creative avenues to awaken the individual, dismantle apathy and unleash their inner hero.

The three goals of DAKILA are awareness, education, and involvement - to make the public aware of crucial concerns affecting society, to educate both the audience and, more importantly, themselves about pressing social concerns, which should effectively inform the methods of creative expression and to be consistently and dynamically involved in activities geared toward achieving the common good.

DAKILA is comprised of multi-awarded poet-essayist and front man of the spoken word-jazz-rock band Radioactive Sago Project, LOURD ERNEST DE VEYRA; Parokya ni Edgar bassist and cancer awareness advocate, BUHAWI “BUWI” MENESES; comedian, indie film actor, Live Tilapia vocalist, limiTADO owner and Brewrats deejay, ARVIN “TADO” JIMENEZ; accomplished singer, songwriter, musical director, and theatre actor, NOEL CABANGON; versatile Bacolod-born film and theatre actor, RONIE LAZARO; and many more artists, students and young professionals.

Active Vista Film Festival
November 26 - December 2, 2008
Indie Sine, Robinson's Galleria
cellular: (0905) 4292539



How's Ely (Ely Buendia Update)

dear everybody,

before anything. i just spoke to day cabuhat. and she informed me that ely's condition is now stable. and they're very thankful for all your concern.

thank you very much for coming t the show. we really felt the cheering and the singing and the love you all gave.

thank you for understanding that the show had to be cut short.

ely was in no condition (emotionally, physically) to play but he did. and he gave it his all which is more than we could ask from him. given the circumstances he was in.

we all wish him well. we are all confident that he will recover soon.

i promise to give you another eraserheads show as soon as possible.

again thank you very much,


How's Tara (Tara Santelices Update)

September 1, 2008

Dear Everyone,


After almost two weeks of being sick, I was able to visit Tara last Friday. Although I dropped by the Sunday before, I didn't get to see her 'cause Tita Anne won't let me in. I had cough and colds. So, when I came in the room last Friday, surprise surprise. Tara can open her eyes already! Actually only her right eye 'cause her left eye is sore (well, it's red). Whenever Cheska, Rina or I made movements or talked loudly, she'd open her right eye and move it to where the sound or movement was coming from. She also yawned too! Cheska also told me that when the doctor would press on her feet, Tara would feel tickled. That's a good sign too.

Great improvement from the last time I saw her when her head was wrapped in bandages and her eyes were covered with patches. Her gunshot wounds (entry and exit) were already closed, stitched up by the doctors. They're checking if she can breathe on her own. They're also considering home care.

Storm the heavens with prayers!

Family and Friends

I only know so little of how Tara's family and Joee are doing. Her family is always at her side. Other times Tito Larry and Tita Anne are busy taking care of paperwork and financial stuff. Lila and Gitta are busy with school too. I haven't seen or talked to Joee for the past two weeks since she got sick and she was busy with her finals and her thesis. Relatives stay with Tara during the night. Friends, friends of family, friends of friends and parents of friends drop by from time to time.


Donations are still being graciously accepted. Again, the bank account is under Anne Marie F. Santelices, Banco de Oro, SA 2140-06220. On Wednesday (September 3), it'll be her fourth week in Medical City so you could just imagine (or cannot imagine) how much the medical bill is already. Thanks to people from Canada who sent money through Rica (Caoyonan). I have deposit slips but I don't know the exact amount of donations so far. Ate Malaine (Joee's sister) also has money from gigs. RockEd too has been raising money for Tara. A lot of other people too are organizing gigs and stuff. Just make sure not to sensationalize what happened. I hope sincerity remains intact. Peace.


Regarding the case, I only get updates from my friend Cha Ilagan, who's the daughter of Mayor Mon Ilagan of Cainta. She's regularly updated by Col. Torrecampo, Cainta's Chief of Police, who's handling the case. I don't know though if I can disclose details but just to be safe, there's progress. Even though things aren't moving as fast as we would like it to be, there's progress. I guess we should appreciate that. Cha also told me that they have already submitted a proposal to allot some amount for Tara from the city budget to help with the medical bill. She's also trying to solicit funds from other Cainta officials. And according to Tita Anne, when a DZRH DJ called up the mayor's office on air, it was promised that the municipality is working on the street lighting. Let's just hope and pray it'll happen soon because similar incidences happened again after what happened to Tara.


And while I'm writing this, I also checked on the online petition (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/justice-for-tara-santelices.html). There are 6171 signatures already, which is something we can feel good about. Although some comments are a bit off/foul/annoying/unnecessary, I guess we should be glad that people are becoming aware of what happened to Tara and what should be done about it. I don't personally know Tito Larry's friend, Chito Iriga, who created the petition so I don't know what the next step will be. Maybe someone can print the 6000+ signatures and show it to people who can help with the funds or with the case (aka people in government, people in media, people who are rich haha). Justice is such a grand thing to demand from people but little ways, individual efforts, small acts of kindness go a long way. If you can do something, do it. If you know someone who can help, ask that someone to help. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.


If you want to come and visit her, just ask me through text the room number. I'm not sure if I can publicly announce the room she's staying in but visitors are always welcome. Just make sure you're free from sickness, not coughing, not sneezing. Also, if you're commuting come before 10pm because security at the Medical City is strict.

Thank You

Hmm, that's it. Let's keep on praying for Tara, for her family, for more generous people, for the case to be solved, for everyone's safety and for malicious rumors to die down. Thanks to all those who have visited Tara, given money, attended gigs, spread positive information, forwarded messages, signed the petition and prayed for Tara's recovery. And to loosely quote Ms. Abaya (our 3rd year CLE teacher), we can become the answers to our own questions. Many of us ask why this happened, where the criminal is, what Cainta is doing about it, where the money will come from--an infinite amount of questions. Let's become Answers. Let's make things happen.


I wrote this blog entry after having been asked through text countless times "How's Tara?" Although I'm always glad to share good news to friends and strangers, I guess it's more practical to write an update since no one has heard anything from anyone for a long time (online at least). You can repost this if you want or post a link to this entry. The circle is not exclusive. :) This is my very best attempt to update everyone. I'm sorry in advance if there are minor details that I've left out or misinterpreted.

I'm keeping the faith, how about you?

Mucho dandruff,



Fundraising Events for Tara

TARA FEST Update5: Fundraising Gigs for Tara and her Family We, Tara's friends and family are trying to raise funds for Tara's medical bills. It is also to uplift the morale of Tara and her Family. Please support our events for Tara. Thank you for your support. August 9 (Saturday) Bela Bar - Skies of Ember, Rubber Inc., Elemento, Carnival Park, Archaster, and more. (more details on dotternus.multiply.com) 9pm onwards 70s Bistro - Coffeebreak Island, Lady I, Chongkeys, Unitiima. 9pm onwards August 11 (Monday) Mag:net Bonifacio Highstreet - in cooperation with RockEd. Feat: Pedicab, Imago, Rivermaya, Gasulina, Unitiima 6-9pm only Ten02 - Skies of ember, Scarlet Tears, Names are for Tombstones, The Bernadettes, The Late Isabel, We Nocturnal, Aurora Borealis, Dayuhan, Fuseboxx, La Luna. 8pm onwards August 12 (Tuesday) Mag:net Katipunan - Gang Badoy's Birthday (Open to everyone and will also be a fundraising event for Tara) August 13 (Wednesday) Freedom Bar - Nyctinasty, Kidzpool, Dayuhan, Sters, Chubibo and more. 9pm Souk Cafe, Dasma Cavite - "I EXIST for TARA" EXIST artists. 8pm onwards August 14 (Thursday) Bela Bar - Electronica and Experimental Artists Route196 - Chillitees, Cambio, Gasulina, Project 2, Hija, and more. August 15 (Friday) Route196 - Terno Inferno for Tara. All Terno Bands. 9pm. August 16 (Saturday) Route196 - Open Mic (acoustic) and Open art exhibit for women. Organized by Lunduyan ng Sining and F.A.M.E. Mogwai Cubao X - Organized by RockEd. Feat: Radioactive Sago, Juan Pablo Dream, Cambio, Gasulina, Shift, Chillitees Nine Mile - 420 Party. August 25 (Monday) Route196 - slots open Other venues without final dates yet: Big Sky Mind Saguijo Club Dredd Gweilos Makati Other events/groups: NU107 Jam 88.3 Magic 89.9 RockEd Terno Recordings F.A.M.E Lunduyan ng Sining Please Spread the Love for Tara. Thanks.

(Link from: http://vandring.multiply.com/journal/item/41/Fundraising_Events_for_Tara}



37 things you don't know (i think) about it...

Did you know...
  1. Did you know that quitting smoking could help you avoid complications when undergoing surgery?
  2. Did you know that the use of cessation materials like this directly increases your chances of quitting smoking?
  3. Did you know that the more strategies you use to quit, the higher your odds of remaining quit?
  4. Did you know that for every day that you are quit, your immune system improves?
  5. Did you know that quitting smoking can be one of the biggest factors in improving sexual functioning?
  6. Did you know that your appeal to the opposite sex could triple as a non-smoker? and double your odds of quitting smoking?
  7. Did you know that using nicotine replacement products could reduce withdrawal symptoms quitting?
  8. Did you know that the more intensively you focus on quitting, the higher your odds of quitting?
  9. Did you know that even smokers view non-smokers more positively than they do smokers?
  10. Did you know that as a non-smoker, others might perceive you as being more sophisticated than as a smoker?
  11. Did you know that as a non-smoker, others may perceive you as being more self- disciplined than as a smoker?
  12. Did you know that as a non-smoker, others might perceive you as being wiser than a smoker is perceived?
  13. Did you know that as a non-smoking female, men perceive you as more sexually attractive than when you used to smoke?
  14. Did you know that as a non-smoking female, men perceive you as more likable than when you used to smoke?
  15. Did you know that by avoiding typical "cues" to smoke that the likelihood of remaining quit is doubled?
  16. Did you know that non-smokers are seen as more mature than smokers?
  17. Did you know that nonsmokers find other nonsmokers more attractive than smokers?
  18. Did you know that non-smokers are viewed as more desirable to date than smokers?
  19. Did you know that non-smokers are seen as healthier than smokers are?
  20. Did you know that computer-based smoking cessation interventions appear to be more effective than similar types of programs delivered by mail?
  21. Did you now that quitting smoking could be a protective factor for erectile dysfunction?
  22. Did you know that actors who use tobacco products are rated less favorably by children than actors who don't use tobacco products?
  23. Did you know that expectant mothers who quit cigarettes reduce their baby's chances of having attention, motor control, and perception problems?
  24. Did you know that quitting smoking might help you avoid cervical abnormalities?
  25. Did you know that having people around you who are positive about your effort to stop smoking actually helps quitting?
  26. Did you know that increasing one's exercise has been linked with success in quitting smoking?
  27. Did you know that persons who have remained quit for more than 15 years appear to have the same risk as "never-smokers" for stomach cancer?
  28. Did you know that excess risk of heart disease caused by smoking could be cut in half after just one year of quitting smoking?
  29. Did you know that the minimal weight gain reported by some ex-smokers often reverses itself over time?
  30. Did you know that quitting smoking could eliminate your need for cholesterol –lowering medication, and result in significant cost savings?
  31. Did you know that the increased risk for developing prostate cancer as a smoker disappears over time once you quit?
  32. Did you know that quitting smoking could increase your options for the safe use of contraceptives?
  33. Did you know that quitting smoking could help to slow facial aging and the appearance of wrinkles?
  34. Did you know that lung function improves within a few months of quitting smoking?
  35. Did you know that supportive partners increase the chances of their significant others quitting?
  36. Did you know that self-massage may help quitters to relax and improve their mood while quitting?
  37. Did you know that that self-massaging one's hands can reduce withdrawal symptoms?
Every Cigarette is doing you damage.

"Do Quit Smoking,
Don't Quit LIFE!"

-we don't know our own time, don't make it short-



Googling Myself - new past time

Thanks to Mr. Ramon Bautista for letting me know his self-centered past time of Googling Himself. Today, I tried doing it because wala akong magawa. I found out na hindi lang pala ako ang Ivan Aguilar sa mundo. I was pretty shocked that learned na may nakikigamit ng pangalan ko. I found this four personalities and mejo natawa ako.

These are the Ivan Aguilars that I found:

Try it yourself and learn to rediscover and find yourself using google.





iBANG item no.009

Nakita ko sa oriental goods section ng isang super market:


Preserved for gays.